Commercial-Grade Laundry Equipment

Our customers consistently tell us that Speed Queen commercial machines last longer and give you a better clean than the competition.  They are designed to last 10,000 cycles in the lab.  Many of our customers that take good care of them keep them running much longer than that.  These machines will fit wherever you have a residential grade machine and are perfect for businesses with less than 10 loads a day.

- Galvanized steel bases

- All metal transmissions

- Porcelain coated outer tub doesn't retain mildew smell

- Superior agitation compared to residential versions

Industrial-Grade Laundry Equipment

Industrial equipment is necessary for businesses that have a high volume of laundry.  We help business's design laundry rooms that process laundry as efficiently as possible.  We do that by asking the customer the right questions

- What are you washing/drying?

- How much time do you have to do the laundry?

- Would doing the laundry faster save you on labor costs?

Once we get a sense of your businesses needs, we can design the perfect solution, whether you need a reliable bare-bones setup or the state of the art equipment.  

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"We have had zero issues and our gear looks almost as good as the day we got it. We would recommend Detergent Solutions to anyone who is in the market for industrial laundry equipment."

- Chief Alan Styles, Dalton Fire Department

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