Michigan Laundry Equipment

Our team of laundry design professionals can create an efficient solution for your laundry room or laundromat. We handle installation and sell replacement parts, so you can be sure that your machine will run for years to come. All of our machines are made in the USA and have financing available.

Vended Laundry

Our team is changing the way people think about coin laundry in Eastern Michigan. We can help you create an efficient, modern laundromat that your customers enjoy spending their time in. Our experience as laundromat owners puts us in the shoes of our customers. We understand what you need out of a distributor: accessibility, integrity, and value.

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Vended Laundry

On Premise Laundry

On Premises Laundry

We optimize laundry rooms for businesses of all sizes. Small businesses that produce just enough laundry to consistently break consumer grade machines are typically best served with a commercial-grade machine that resembles a consumer-grade machine, but stands up to years of not-so-gentle use. For businesses that do much more laundry and require large loads, we have a large selection of industrial laundry equipment of all sizes.

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