Michigan Vended Laundry

We use our local connections and experience as laundromat owners to build successful businesses for our customers. Whether you are retooling an existing laundromat or starting out fresh, our experts can help you with the planning and design. We enjoying helping our customers create attractive, efficient businesses. If you are more inclined to plan and execute all of that by yourself, we can also take a hands off approach and make sure you get the machines when you need them.

What we do for you

  • Help find a location
  • Advise on which machines will work for you
  • Coordinate with the architect, builders, electricians, and plumbers
  • Install and test the machines
  • Provide parts and service for the machines

Dexter Laundry

Dexter is an industrial laundry equipment manufacturer based in Dexter, Iowa. Dexter products will provide you with the flexibility and durability you need to be successful. With lifetime technical support and an industry leading warranty, you can be confident that your machines will run for many years to come.

Industry Leading 10 Year Warranty

Dexter brand washers have a 10-year warranty on the frame, tub, cylinder, shaft, seals, bearings and bearing housing. Dexter brand dryers have a five-year warranty on the trunion, bearings and bearing housing. Dexter brand washers & dryers have a three-year warranty on all parts not listed under the five or 10-year limited warranty. Call us at 888-338-7468 to get a quote today!

Dexter Live

Dexter Live allows you to manage your business wherever you have a phone signal. When a customer calls you while you are out eating dinner with your friends, you can resolve the situation from your smart phone. With Dexter Live, you can:

  • Remote start & reboot machines
  • Track real time revenue
  • Customize automatic promotions

All these features will help you maximize your new Dexter Laundromat's revenue and make your life easier. Give us a call at 888-338-7468 to learn more.

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