Dexter O Series Control

100 Cycles

Program 100 unique cycles comprised of up to 20 distinct stages that utilize 10 chemical injection ports all on a beautiful LCD screen.

Delayed Start Option

Start a load of laundry 30 minutes before staff arrives so a load is ready to go into the dryer right away.

Moisture Detection System

O Series dryers stop when the clothes are dry, not when the time is up. You can check the progress from across a large room and program it to dry at the percentage of moisture that you prefer - 5% is our recommendation.

  • Saves you on gas
  • Saves you on labor
  • Extends effective life of your linens

Fire Response System

O Series dryers automatically sense when a load is unexpectedly and rapidly increasing in temperature. The dryer slowly tumbles to smother the fire until someone trained in fire safety can address it. Water based fire systems are also available.

Industry-Leading Warranty

Dexter brand washers have a 10-year warranty on the frame, tub, cylinder, shaft, seals, bearings and bearing housing. Dexter brand dryers have a five-year warranty on the trunion, bearings and bearing housing. Dexter brand washers & dryers have a three-year warranty on all parts not listed under the five or 10-year limited warranty.